8 Ways to Treat Yourself Right

woman getting facialHave you ever thought of volunteering in order to feel happier?

I’ve definitely heard this idea from clients who are feeling stuck and miserable.

“I tried volunteering, but it didn’t make me feel better,” they tell me after the fact.

This doesn’t surprise me.

You can’t give water from a dry well.

We all need to fill the well somehow if we want to be generous and kind to others.

Recently I came across an article with some ideas on just how to do that.

Click on the link below to read it:

To Thine Own Self Be Kind: Eight Random Acts of Self-Kindness

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3 comments on “8 Ways to Treat Yourself Right

  1. Excellent suggestions, and I especially like that except for the chocolate nothing was food! We so often overlook going by ourselves out to that favorite restaurant, movie or show but would leap at the chance to accompany a friend who asked us.

    • Agreed, Miss Maura. Taking oneself out on a “date” can be empowering, especially if one otherwise feels trapped because they live with a spouse or partner who’s more of a homebody.

      By the way … If we’re measuring in chocolate consumption, then I’m a self-care champion.

  2. Ammah says:

    There is no happy pills better than TRUTH.
    Yup, truth hurts but it also heals.

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